Fibre and Silica Fume Reinforced Repair Mortar (Thickness: 1-35 mm)


  • Applicable at the thickness of 1-35 mm at a time.
  • Thixotropic; no sagging in wall and overhead applications.
  • Strong bond.
  • Very resistant.
  • Fast drying.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Painting of the surface 24 hours after the application.
Product Features Surface Preparation Application Documents


  • Fibre reinforced, non-shrink and single component surface levelling repair mortar made of specially selected cement and quartz sand.


  • For filling surface stripping and large pores, repairing corroded areas and fixing precast elements.
  • For relevant areas of girders, columns, floorings, concrete pillars and dams exposed to cavitation and for filling ship piles stairs etc.
  • For reinforcing damaged and corroded concrete elements after an impact or earthquake and performing bevel, filling and surface reinforcement processes prior to waterproofing.

Technical Information
  • Appearance: Grey powder 
  • Particle size: ≤ 0,5 mm
  • Compressive resistance
  • (EN 12190 – 28 days): ≥ 25N/mm2 
  • Flexural strength (EN 12190 – 28 days): ≥ 6N/mm2
  • Adhesion on concrete (EN 1542 – day): ≥ 1,5N/mm2 
  • Limited contraction and expansion: ≥ 1,5N/mm2
  • Temperature resistance: (-30°C) – (+80°C) 
  • Reaction to fire: Class A1
  • These values are provided for +23 ± 2 °C temperature and 50% ± 5 relative humidity conditions.

Surface Preparation

  • The application surface must be cleared of moulding oil, dust, paint, dirt, detergent etc. which may prevent adhesion.
  • Loose parts must be removed from the surface through mechanical methods to obtain a smooth surface.
  • Absorbent surfaces must be primed with Lanko 160 and double coat primer must be applied for highly absorbent areas.
  • If surface temperature is too high, it must be reduced by dampening.


  • Pour sufficient amount of clean water in a clean mixing container. Slowly add Lanko 732 to the water and mix it with the help of a mixer with 400-500 cycle/minute until you obtain a smooth mixture (for 3-5 minutes).
  • Mature the mixture for 3 minutes and mix it for further 1-2 minutes.
  • The mixed mortar is available for use.


  • It is applied to the surface at the required thickness with the help of a spud.
  • The prepared mortar must be consumed not later than within 1 hour. Any expired or crusted mortar in the container must not be used.
  • Do not apply the product under direct sunlight or when the surface and air temperature is less than +5 °C or higher than +35 °C or in case of strong wind.
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