Single Component, Crystalline Waterproofing Slurry


  • Easy application
  • Easy to mix
  • Application by a brush or spud
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive for steels or outfits
Product Features Surface Preparation Application Documents


  • Cement based, polymer modified and single component waterproofing slurry which prevents water penetration into cement based and mortar surfaces.


  • Insulation against unpressurized water penetration into buildings.
  • Rigid waterproofing of water tanks
  • Rigid external waterproofing of foundation walls in new buildings
  • Waterproofing of existing foundation walls against water penetration
  • Swimming and decorative pools,
  • Wet areas

Technical Information
  • Color: Grey Powder
  • Water vapor permeability (SD): < 0,5 Class I (EN ISO 7783)
  • Capillary water absorption: ≤ 0,1 kg/m2h0,5 (TS EN 1062-3)
  • Tensile strength: ≥ 1,0N/mm2
  • Compressive strength: Approx. 20N/mm2
  • Flextural strength: Approx. 5N/mm2
  • Depends on + 23 ± 2°C temperature and 50 ± 5% relative humidity conditions.

Surface Preparation

  • The surface must be solid and clear of all kinds of dirt, loose and moving parts, cement residuals, oil, grease and such other contaminant residuals.
  • The surface must be prepared with the use of high pressure water jet, pintle type cleaner or corrosive equipment and the surface must be water saturated by dampening.


  • Slowly add K11 Mono to the 7,0L clean water in a clean container and mix it with a mixer
  • Keep mixing until you obtain a homogenous and smooth mixture.
  • Apply the mixed K11 Mono with a brush in the same direction.
  • After the first layer dries, apply the second layer perpendicular to the application direction of the first layer with the help of a brush.
  • Do not apply the product under direct sunlight and strong wind.
  • Apply the product only on smooth and treated surfaces.
  • Apply at least two layers.
  • Recently applied material must be protected against frost and rain.
  • Curing with polyethylene covers is necessary to ensure cement hydration and minimize cracking
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