Water based Polyurethane, UV Resistant Waterproofing Material


  • Single-component
  • Ready to use
  • Easy application
  • Application with spraying gun for workmanship and time saving
  • Bridge for shrinkage cracks thanks to its flexibility
  • Resistant to UV lights
  • Ideal for the areas open for pedestrian traffic
  • High adhesion
  • 1-2 hours drying period between the layers, walking on or covering the surface on the same day
  • Direct application of marble and ceramic tiles on K10 PUR Plus with the use of Parex ceramic and granite adhesives
  • No stains
  • Water based
  • Non-toxic and fireproof
Product Features Surface Preparation Application Documents


  • Water based polyurethane, single component, fast drying and ready-to-use waterproofing material forming a waterproof and elastic membrane on the surface with its perfect chemical resistance.


  • Interiors and exteriors, vertical and horizontal applications
  • High rise buildings, terraces and wide areas
  • Base isolation, garages, underpasses and underground storages
  • Terraces, terrace gardens and cracks, balconies
  • Sustaining walls
  • Wet areas, artistic structures

Technical Information
  • Color: Colored Paste
  • Shore A hardness: About 76
  • Water vapor permeability (SD): < 5m Class I (EN ISO 7783)
  • Capillary water absorption: ≤ 0,1 kg/m2h0,5 (TS EN 1062-3)
  • Bonding strength: ≥ 1,5N/mm2
  • Crack bridging: ≥ 2,0mm
  • Depends on + 23 ± 2°C temperature and 50 ± 5% relative humidity conditions.

Surface Preparation

  • Plaster boards, precast concrete panels or OSB panels must be inserted well according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Screws and pins must be covered with epoxy resin.
  • Joints if plaster boards must be covered with a plaster board net at the minimum width of 50 mm.
  • All surfaces must be smooth and cleared of dirt, oil, curing agents and other pollutants.
  • All moving particles must be removed and any remaining dust and dirt must be cleaned.
  • Edges and corners must be levelled with Lanko 731 repair mortar.

New concrete surfaces:

  • Pre-curing of recently casted concrete surfaces must be waited prior to K10 PUR Plus application.
  • Undercoating must be performed with Lanko 124, Floor WB or Floor Primer MST prior to the application depending on the surface.

Old concrete surfaces:

  • All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned with the use of a strong detergent and then all detergent residuals must be removed from the surface by way of water jet. The surface must be left for drying for 24 hours depending on air temperature. The surface must be carefully reviewed prior to K10 PUR Plus application and any sharp protrusions, if any, which may lead to membrane perforations must be broken and levelled. Lanko 731 repair mortar must be used for repairs. Undercoating must be performed with Lanko 124, Floor WB or Floor Primer MST prior to the application depending on the surface.


  • Recently plastered areas must be cured for 5-7 days depending on minimum air temperature prior to the application.
  • Slight surfaces:
  • The surfaces must be undercoated with Lanko 124 or Lanko 160/163 depending on the absorbing capacity and brightness of the surface.

Metal/wooden surfaces:

  • All surfaces must be cleared of rust and oil and the surfaces must be undercoated with Parex Floor MST or Parex Primer EM and/or Parex Primer PR.


  • Micro cracks must be covered with one coat of K10 PUR Plus if they are stable.
  • Wider cracks than 2 mm must be filled with Lanko 603.
  • Wider structural cracks than 2 mm must be filled with Lanko 603 sealant if they are known to be moving and then they must be subjected to 50 mm width of plastic tape.
  • One coat of K10 PUR Plus must be applied on the tape and it must be cured not less than for 2 hours prior to the second coat application.


  • Directly take out K10 PUR Plus from its package and apply it with the help of a brush or roll.
  • Leave the first coat to dry for 1-2 hours. Apply the second coat perpendicular to the first coat and leave it to dry for 2-4 hours at 20 °C (at least two coats shall be applied).
  • A third coat may be applied, if required to remove any irregularities or pores on the surface.
  • The surface of K10 PUR Plus must be covered with any decorative coating after the application is completed.
  • Protective cement finish coating may be applied 24 hours after the completion of the application.
  • Water test, on the other hand, may be carried out 48 hours after the final coat application.
  • It is important to have an accurate slope for the prevention of ponding.
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